Split 7" w/ Rubrics

by Criminal Culture

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jason thomas Listen to this and close your eyes. You'll probably think you're in Gainesville. Maybe even sup a PBR to further create the ambience. Favorite track: Standing.
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released May 1, 2012



all rights reserved


Criminal Culture Tampa, Florida

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Track Name: It's Going To Take A Lot More Than That To Kill Us
I'm keeping two eyes on my own shadow can't trust a soul no less my own they'll come a day we'll take up that phrase
old habits always die hard. in time we lose our minds reach out for a crutch we find a lie, a real big fucking lie. and i saw your transformation to a monstrous apparation who wants to live like that? dry your eyes wake up and try
all you have to do is try. Goddammit, i'm no help if you can't help yourself. put forth some fucking effort and start anew
because every decision that you choose effects the one's closest to you and everyone you love, won't always be right there beside you as you fall, you gotta learn to watch your step remember you can't walk until you crawl. i won't let, won't let you down but if you don't reach up i can't get you out of this mess you got yourself into once again. old habits always die hard
Track Name: If We Make It
I don't care where I rest my head tonight, or which road we take tomorrow, we're all here so its alright. Strangers, open up their doors, old friends we'll always have a place on their floors.
All or nothing, this is for something.
These songs that we sing together the ones that helped us through the fear, the doubt, the things we can't work out and the shit that drags you under. don't let shit drag you under
Everyone needs inspiration to carry on to follow through, the dimmest light could become the brightest star. We tend to breakdown every once in a while, only to build ourselves right back up once again.
Track Name: Sitting
I'm so tired of these lies that I hide behind falling faster than the rain falls from the sky. Like I'm caught in a trance, I move but never advance, like everything else in life I just fall into place.
One of these days we'll wake up.
I feel like a stranger but it's new like a moment to savor and what's new might bring out the best in you. our intentions though honest and true may be all for naught if we don't think this one through.
Track Name: Standing
Grow up. Stand down. Can't stand up. Breaking my back all these long years. Breaking my back to further you. If the costs to high, we'll go with what we can afford. Insatiable hunger for minimum wage, fuck it all here's to new days. We're the ones barely scraping by, waiting for something not just waiting to die. Screaming out from the inside. We're Alive. From sun up to sundown we'll all be found just sitting around. Say don't let life just pass you by, How are we suppose to live? we just survive.