It's Going To Take A Lot More Than That To Kill Us

from by Criminal Culture



I'm keeping two eyes on my own shadow can't trust a soul no less my own they'll come a day we'll take up that phrase
old habits always die hard. in time we lose our minds reach out for a crutch we find a lie, a real big fucking lie. and i saw your transformation to a monstrous apparation who wants to live like that? dry your eyes wake up and try
all you have to do is try. Goddammit, i'm no help if you can't help yourself. put forth some fucking effort and start anew
because every decision that you choose effects the one's closest to you and everyone you love, won't always be right there beside you as you fall, you gotta learn to watch your step remember you can't walk until you crawl. i won't let, won't let you down but if you don't reach up i can't get you out of this mess you got yourself into once again. old habits always die hard


from Split 7" w/ Rubrics, track released October 31, 2011



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