Keep On Keepin' Gone

by Criminal Culture

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released May 4, 2010

Recorded by Matt Ostraco @ Fort Mayhem
Crim Cult 2010



all rights reserved


Criminal Culture Tampa, Florida

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Track Name: It's Gonna Take A Lot More Than That To Kill Us
i'm keeping two eyes on my own shadow
can't trust a soul no less my own

they'll come a day
we'll take up that phrase
old habits always die hard

in time we lose our minds reach out for a crutch we find
a lie, a real big fucking lie
and i saw your transformation to a monstrous apparition
who wants to live like that?

dry your eyes
wake up and try
all you have to do is try

goddammit, i'm no help if you can't help yourself

put forth the effort and start anew
cause every decision that you choose effects the one's closest to you
and everyone you love won't always be right there beside you as you fall
you gotta learn to watch your step remember you don't walk until you crawl

i won't let, won't let you down but if you don't reach up i can't get you out
of this mess you got yourself into again

they'll come a day
we'll chant that phrase
old habits always die hard
Track Name: When The Joke Got Serious
falling, i've fallen a lot they call it hard times
we all fall on hard times again
crying, crying out at the top of your lungs
condemning all the fools who forgot where they came from

it will take some time, that i assure
don't beat yourself up cause it only hurts more
i would give nothing more to be

outside in the summer sun, no regrets and having fun
and the years they're growing shorter
my age has changed but who's keeping count
i'm still alive not down and out
Track Name: Sonneteers
this ground is bare, ain't no running rivers around here
close off our hearts, put ourselves back together when we fall apart
our shadows cross, and in familiar places we get lost
so vulnerable, so quick to anger, so goddamn out of our minds
that we try things more than just one time,
we are addicts, we are visionaries
but our vision is slowly getting worse, and your faith isn't like it used to be
since your mother died

you cried in your sleep again last night, tell me is there no solace in life?
so we write poems, we write songs to express how we truly feel
i feel fucking violated, and thats just an understatement
cause you can never be free of misery
it's overwhelming sometimes
so i question faith, i question your trust, i question your love
cause we've all been victims
so i'll put it as simple as it can be said
will you stick with me till the bitter end?
Track Name: Open Ears
our hearts are not easily mended
we are merely human, we can be battered and bruised we can win and lose
we can learn to take a hit or two, retaliate at will
but does it make us any better? give it time and think it through

hold your head high, fists clenched at the side
i'm listening
you can beat out your anger, make matters worse
but i'm listening are you listening?

frustration is clawing at your back again and again and again
but i'll tell you my friend it's not the end
i know how you feel when everyone's at odds against you
and you wonder what the fuck has this world come to

regardless of everything, regardless of everyone

i'm listening